1. Choose a room template

Choose from dozens of high quality and beautifully designed room templates for your industry or use case.

2. Upload you’re product data

Upload 3D files easily and preview them on the fly. Sphere optimizes your 3D data automatically to be used in Virtual Reality.

3. Customize and you’re ready!

Customize your presentation by adding text, images and video a publish your to any device via WebVR

Who is using ZREALITY Sphere?

Sphere has been conceived for all businesses who would like to present products and their company in a new dimension!

Marketing Managers

Bring products to life in Virtual Reality for Sales and Exhibition use cases.


Conduct product design reviews in virtual reality with your engineering teams.

Product Managers

Explain your product to customers and drive efficiency in employee training.

Virtual product presentations that make an impression

Your success factor for marketing & sales! Learn more in our VR-Guide:

Download your VR Guide now
Do-it-Yourself VR Apps

Drag & Drop creation of VR product presentations in minutes!

Choose from dozens of high quality and beautifully designed room templates for your industry or use case.


Your company available on all VR devices and platforms!

ZREALITY Sphere creates apps fully automatically for all VR devices from Smartphone/Cardboard, PC/Mac to Stationary and Mobile VR Headsets,

Oculus RIFT
HTC Vive/Pro
Samsung Gear VR, Cardboard, Daydream 
Oculus Go
Windows Mixed Reality Devices
Microsoft Hololens

Whats special about ZREALITY Sphere?

ZREALITY Sphere is like WordPress, but for Virtual Reality apps. You can easily create virtual product presentations for your company, showcase your products and share them with customers or colleagues.

Easy 3D Data Imports

Import your 3D data directly from any 3D authoring or CAD software Sphere optimizes your contents automatically to be used in Virtual Reality and integrates it intelligently in virtual rooms.

High Quality Room Templates

Sphere provides you with customizable room templates. You can choose from dozens of high quality and beautifully designed rooms optimized for your industry or use case.


Sphere uses WebVR technology to bring 3D content to all devices, regardless of smartphone / cardboard, PC / Mac or mobile and stationary VR headsets.

 Asset Management & Dynamic Content

Sphere works like a CMS. All data is centrally stored in our Cloud and can be dynamically embedded in any VR App your create on Sphere without any programming knowledge.

Happy customers

Major brands use ZREALITY Sphere to create their Virtual Reality Apps


This is what satisfied customers are saying about ZREALITY technology:

„As a medium that is traditionally perceived acoustically, it is important for us to be modern and close to the public. Using 180° stereo technology, we were able to present the inner workings of our studio in a completely new way and to carry them outwards. ZREALITY GmbH is a competent partner in the conception, consulting and development of such innovative applications in the field of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.“

Andy Abel

Head of Digital Development, RPR Group

„The virtual showroom opens up a cosmos of new possibilities. Especially at trade fairs Virtual Reality complements our exhibits perfectly. In the virtual space, we can take the prospective customer on a micro level to explain how ultrasound – a joining technology that works in the μ range – works. We would highly recommend anyone to work with ZREALITY to implement their VR solutions!”

Steffen Ullrich

Marketing Leiter Herrmann Ultraschall

“ZREALITY has a unique technology we have not ben able to find in the market. There is no vendor that combines the functions of a content management system with WebVR technology. ZDF Digital was able to create the “Digital Kunsthalle” in unimaginable quality with the ZREALITY Sphere platform. The Kunsthalle is a world-wide unique cultural offering that is now available to a broad mass of users on the Internet.

Carim Aadam

Managing Director, ZDF Digital


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