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ZREALITY Sphere feature overview

ZREALITY Sphere offers you all features which are crucial to create company and product presentations in Virtual Reality.

Easy 3D Data Imports

Import your 3D data easily directly from your 3D authoring or CAD software into Sphere to present them in virtual rooms of your choice.  We currently support the most common formats such as OBJ, FBX und gLTF. glTF is an industry standard data format widely supported by all major 3D software and hardware vendors.

High Quality VR room templates

Sphere offers dozens of beautifully designed VR-rooms templates, which you can easily customize for your company and industry. Each template can be customized with Logo, photos, videos and other contents to create your personal company presentation.

Cross-Platform VR Apps

Sphere generates VR apps with a push of a button for all relevant VR platforms without having to use development environments such as Unity or Unreal. VR Apps are generated in our Cloud for you and are ready to download, share and use in minutes without any programming.

VR Asset Management

Sphere is designed to efficiently handle VR assets. 3D files, shaders, textures, images and videos are centrally stored and optimized for use in VR. The Project Center of Sphere offers an intuitive user interface to manage your projects and assets.

Dynamic Content

Sphere allows you to create VR Apps with dynamically changing contents. You can change VR assets such as text, images and video in your VR app from within Project Center.

Online Editor

In Sphere you can create VR Apps without any need of programming. Sphere offers an integrated and easy to learn Online Editor, which guides you the creation of an VR app.

Live Preview for 3D Assets & VR Apps

Sphere provides you wih an interactive live preview for 3D assets and VR Apps. You can view 3D assets easily from your browser or install our VR preview app on your computer. With this you can see any changes to your VR app live, without having to change the VR app itself.

Maximum 3D Quality

Sphere allows you to create next generation VR apps with highest graphics quality by leveraging the latest graphics engines available in the market. No matter if presenting a machine, vehicle or consumer product, Sphere will present your product realistically than ever.

Workflow Collaboration

Sphere simplifies working on VR projects in groups. Project managers can generate VR apps in minutes and send it to their customer, internal stakeholders or supporting agencies for review and feedback in minutes. 

Secure Cloud

Sphere is hosted in Germany in highly secure datacenters and is operated to highest security standards.  Our platform will scale with your busines flexibly and is designed to process large amounts of media and 3D data.

VR App Licensing and Device Management

Sphere offers a unique feature allowing you integrate licensing into your VR Apps by connecting it to our Cloud. This allows you to activate and deactivate VR apps after delivering them to your customer in the Project Center, which is a great way of allowing you to better monetize your customer relationship. So customers of agencies can for example only use the VR app for a specific amount of time, after which they would need to get back to the agency for reactivation – or to prevent unauthorized users to access a VR app.

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